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Jacksonville, FL

Investing in real estate the real way.


Real Pro is a real estate firm specializing in the sale of residential and income properties to small time investors. Real Pro’s principles have over 25 years of real estate estate investment experience and have been involved in thousands of transactions. Real Pro’s extensive market knowledge and keen ability to locate extraordinary real estate opportunities secures our investor with the best options available. Real Pro has assisted many investors begin there portfolio with as little as $25,000.00. Real Pro can also assists its clients with their retirement plans. We can assist our clients to develop a substantial real estate portfolio with a relatively small start up. People have retired, in a relatively short period of time, with the proper investing.

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Real Pro mainly operates in the state of Florida

Real Pro will locate the best investment options within the state.

Florida is a very good state for a real estate investor. No state income tax, great homestead laws that protect property owner’s rights and double digit appreciation. In addition to that, the amazing beaches and beautiful weather!

There still is a significant amount of upside in most florida markets. But, like all good things, they do not last forever. Act now!

Benefits of investing with Real Pro

Assistance with property values.

Evaluation of your investment.

Rehabilitation with minimal cost.

Invaluable marketing strategies.

Top dollar sales with maximum profits.

Private or conventional funds available.

Real Pro operates with two main investment strategies.

Our programs are simple, proven and profitable.

Fast Cash

Added value concept (also known as ‘flip’) is where investor improves a piece of real estate and resells it for instant profits.

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Cash Flow

Income property concept where investor occupies a piece of real estate with tenants for stable monthly rental income.

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Retire using real estate as a vehicle.

Build a portfolio of investment properties that will secure your future retirement in as little as 5 years.

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Real Pro will help you acheive financial freedom thru investment real estate

We will help you come up with an excellent investment plan. Our investment specialists will tailor your plan to receive maximum profits with minimum risk.