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    822 East Cantrell Street
    Decatur, IL

    ONLY $23K/DOOR!! 

    19 units total. This porftolio consists of 3 multi family and 7 single family properties (10 parcels). Price per door is unheard of in today's market! Has the potential to generate over $12,000/month and a 18%+ return after renovations!!! $165K IN VALUE ADD!!!! Each property is metered separately for electric. SF tenants pay all utilties. Vacant units need rehab. 

    Financing available! Management already in place!

    19.43% return
    1708 West Lincoln Avenue
    Albany, GA

    Rental in Georgia!! 

    No major deferred maintenance needed. Low expenses, easy to maintain. Great for a first time investor! Can generate a 12%+ NET RETURN on investment!! 

    Financing available!


    12.04% return

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