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The Real Way combines the fundamentals of real estate investing, along with a fearless appetite to find the best investment with the best returns, no matter where you find them. Real estate is one of the few investment vehicles where investors are scared to venture out of their local market comfort zones. Investing without limits allows you to look at all of the investment options that are not just local, but national and global. Stereotypically, Real estate is considered to be a heterogeneous product. This is generally true with higher end homes. Meaning, a 3bed/2bath pool home on the water in Miami is vastly different then a 3bed/2bath pool home on the water in Los Angeles. Properties in the lower to middle class price ranges tend to be more homogenous, meaning: properties have similar characteristics from state to state.

Real estate in the middle income price ranges are fairly consistent nationally. No matter which state you go to, each market tends to be similar. All markets have high-end subdivisions for estate homes, low-end subdivisions for welfare/the impoverished and a middle-income market for the working class. It is lower-income and middle-income markets that are interesting. These areas are very similar in nature nationwide. The U.S.A. is consistent; anywhere you go there appears to be a 7-11, a McDonalds, a Taco Bell and a Walmart. Most of the cities have very similar planning, zoning and real estate laws. The only thing that varies is the price and returns on investments.

Ownership may vary from a title theory state to a lien theory state. All real property comes with a bundle of rights. Real property ownership is backed by the Sovereignty and the full weight of the military of the United States of America, which makes U.S. real estate one of the safest investments on the planet. The only way one can lose their property rights, is if a foreign country invades and erases your rights. Should this event occur, your investment will not be safe anywhere as it will tie to destruction of currency.

The Real Way challenges investors to open there minds, put their fears aside and go for the big returns. Everybody wants to increase his or her income. Instead of fighting for scrapes in an ever-increasing market, living on eroding returns and waiting for the next bubble, one should be agile. There are markets that are still below the peaks and rising. The only valid objection, besides lack of knowledge, is management. Managing real estate can be scary if you are a passive investor. Our clients have done many properties out of state and out of area. Many properties they have not seen before purchasing. Managing rentals is much like other investments. You have to do your homework first and spend time on finding a good tenant. If you get a good tenant, you may never hear from them or need to go to the property.

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