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This message is a show of gratitude toward the RealPro team. I met with one of their most valuable assets, Eli Ahmadov, a few years back and since then I've been blessed with a number of real estate acquisitions. My growth and success today in real estate has everything to do with Eli's expertise and easy access to a wealth of resources. Once again, thanks Eli and thank you to the RealPro team. Alix Deneau

Alix Deneau


One of the best transactions we have done. I contacted Eli at real pro regarding a property in Hernando County Florida. This company is clearly very professional and knows how to get it done quickly with very little headache. I've done over 700 transactions that this is one of the simplest I've ever dealt with. One of the most professional teams I've ever dealt with. Highly recommend them to anybody.

Chad Pettinato

Premier Housing Solutions

I've been trying to purchase an investment property for my business for more than 5 years but it just seemed so far out of my reach. With the help of Real Pro's team, I was able to finally get it using creative financing. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and i'm forever thankful. We had some delays with the closing but overall it was an amazing experience and I highly recommend them to anyone!

Danny Eliezer


Featured Properties

Properties in Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi

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610 22nd St N
Columbus, MS
<p><strong>AWESOME INVESTMENT!! </strong></p> <p>12 units in beautiful state of MIssissippi. Brick construction. Large, spacious units, approximately 1,100 sq. ft each.. Separate electric and water meters!! Lots of industry in the area, including a university and Air Force Base. <strong>Property will generate a 12.48% return on investment!! </strong></p> <p>Property management and financing available!</p>
12.48% return
Feature property thumbnail image
2242 Hillcrest Dr
Meridian, MS
<p><strong>CHARMING MULTIFAMILY!!! </strong></p> <p>6 houses and a triplex, total of 9 units on 11.5 acres. 3 hours away from New Orleans. The area is served by two military facilities that employ thousands of people. Separate electric meters. <strong>PROPERTY WILL GENERATE AN INSANE 19.58% RETURN!!!</strong> Some renovations are needed. Beautiful nature!!<strong> $60K IN EQUITY AFTER RENOVATIONS!! </strong></p> <p>Property management and financing available!</p>
19.58% return
Feature property thumbnail image
309 North Prentiss Street
Jackson, MS
<p><strong>INSANE OPPORTUNITY!!!! </strong></p> <p>Brick quadplex for only $140,000.00 in a major city!! Seperate electric and water meters, all bills paid by the tenants. Central heat and air, city water and sewer. <strong id="CCD">14.27% NET RETURN ON INVESTMENT!!! </strong><strong>TONS OF APPRECIATION POTENTIAL. </strong>This property will not last. Buy it before it hits the market at a higher price. </p> <p>Professional property management and financing is available.</p>
14.27% return

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